COVID WAVE: 292 Bulgarians tests positive for virus

These new fresh COVID cases have been recorded from the additional 5393 tests conducted at the testing sites in Bulgaria. The positivity rate of the new COVID19 cases remains at 5.41%. The active cases toll in Bulgaria has hiked to 72,329.

Bulgaria: PM Petkov talks to Moldovan counterpart over phone, expresses strong commitment

According to the official census, the majority of the inhabitants in the Taraklia region are Bulgarians. Apart from this, Bulgaria and Moldova are the co-founders of Taraclia State University, where the languages preferred for teaching are Bulgarian and Moldovian.

No COVID patient died in Bulgaria during last 24 hrs

These new COVID-19 cases have been reported by the healthcare facilities of a total of 1713 additional tests conducted on June 4. With this, the overall toll of the active COVID-19 infections in Bulgaria remains at 73,101.

Bulgaria records new 189 COVID infections

These fresh cases of the novel coronavirus have been detected of the additional 3890 tests conducted by the healthcare facilities of Bulgaria. The positivity rate of the new COVID-19 cases computes for around 4.9%, according to the data.

Bulgaria records 182 new COVID cases

These fresh COVID infections were detected from the additional 4061 tests conducted by the healthcare facilities in the Balkan state during the last day. The positivity rate of the additional COVID-19 infections stands at 4.4%.

Bulgaria records new 189 infections of COVID virus

These new COVID infections have been detected from the additional 4673 tests performed by the healthcare facilities during the last 24 hours. The positivity rate of fresh COVID infections stands at 4.4%.

COVID Wave in Bulgaria: 73 individuals tests positive for virus, 1 dies

These cases take the total count of the total COVID active cases in Bulgaria to 76,901, which has decreased by a significant number as compared to the report of May 28, 2022, the data further adds.

Bulgaria logs fresh 100 cases of COVID mutant

With this, the total number of COVID-19 active cases of the novel coronavirus has increased to 82,111.

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