BSP leader: President Radev isn't satisfied, seeks real power
BSP leader: President Radev isn't satisfied, seeks real power.

Sofia, Bulgaria: The head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Kornelia Ninova, claimed that the President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev who is the one assisted in forming the government started attacking the Prime Minister’s led-administration during the initial month.  

BSP leader states, “President Radev & Vice President Yotova began attacking the administration in the first month. I had no explanation for why so quickly the President who created – Petkov’s party – ‘We Continue the Change’, who launched them into power, attacked them. Over time, we realized what was happening”. 


The remark was made by Ninova while in conversation with a media house. 

Targeting President Radev, she then highlights that the presidential institution is not enough for him; therefore, he seeks more power.  

“His caretaker governments have become too sweet for him. Installing them as the face of change, such as – dolls, he thought he will stay pulling the strings. And after Kiril Petkov & Asen Vassilev took responsibility, this did not happen, and in my opinion, the rift began with the first shift in Bulgargaz”, Ninova stated as she indirectly called the President biased.    

Ninova is one among the Cabinet members who resigned amid the political turmoil in the European country. 

Through his appointments in the administration – the President wanted to be the hidden prime minister & Kiril Petkov to be the face“, underscored the BSP leader.  

This week only, the Bulgarian three-party coalition failed to show a majority in the national assembly and withstand a no-confidence motion, leading to its downfall. Outgoing Prime Minister Petkov will be filing his resignation next week on June 27.    

“On Monday morning. There is no problem. We will fill in the documents immediately & submit them. Our main goal is to fight corruption, and that cannot happen as long as you have a coalition partner who has been part of organized corruption in the country”, PM Petkov states.