COVID in Bulgaria: 96 individuals tests positive in last 24 hours

Nearly 59.38% of the newly COVID cases were not vaccinated against the viral illness.

Bulgaria logs new 275 COVID infections with 6 deaths

The positivity rate of the new COVID-19 infections stands at nearly 5%, the portal's data further adds. 

Bulgaria logs 491 fresh COVID infections with 10 deaths

This brings the total count of the active COVID-19 infections in the European nation to date to 141,451.

Additional 226 COVID infections confirmed by Bulgarian authorities

The new infections have been recorded among the total of 4068 tests conducted to detect the contagious viral disease in the Bulgarian population. 

Bulgaria records 1442 new COVID infections

In the European country, a total of an additional 1442 infections of the COVID-19 virus were reported, as per the data shared in the unified information portal of March 29, 2022.

Bulgaria records 2462 new COVID-19 infections, 91 deaths in 24 hrs

According to the data of the Unified Information Portal, a total of additional cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours, as of March 8, 2022.

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