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Gabrovo: Kindergarten Perunika celebrates 50th anniversary

Gabrovo, Bulgaria: Gabrovo Kindergarten, named "Perunika", celebrated its 50th anniversary yesterday. The holiday program included an exhibition, a charity bazaar and a concert with the kids from the nursery

Gabrovo celebrates its 163rd anniversary since declared city

Gabrovo, Bulgaria: Today, on May 17, 2023, Gabrovo celebrates its 163rd anniversary since it was declared a city. District Governor Kristina Sidorova and Deputy District Governor Andrei Nikolov respected the celebrations

Gabrovo: 21 teachers received “Teacher of the Year” in municipal stage of National Competition

A total of 21 were nominated teachers in Gabrovo municipality for the 2023 Teacher of the Year prize, organized by the Union of Bulgarian Teachers. They received ribbons and certificates at an official ceremony at the Ritual Hall of the Municipality of Gabrovo today

Gabrovo: Thirteenth Shopski Naniz Folklore Festival to take place on June 9-10

The regional administration centre of Gabrovo reported that the thirteenth Shopski Naniz Folklore Festival will take place on 9,10 and June 11 this year

Gabrovo: Regional Council for Disaster Risk Reduction adopts 2023 Annual Plan

The Regional Council for Disaster Risk Reduction unanimously adopted the 2023 Annual Plan for implementation of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Program 2022-2025

Gabrovo: Employed & unemployed individuals to receive vouchers for training on vocational capabilities, digital and key competencies

The regional governor of a region with an administrative centre, Gabrovo, announced that Employed and unemployed will receive vouchers for training on vocational qualifications, digital and other key competencies

Gabrovo: State of labour market discussed at meeting of Regional Council for Trilateral Cooperation

The Regional Council on Trilateral Cooperation meets today under the chairmanship of District Governor Kristina Sidorova. Two topics were included in the agenda for discussion

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Record number of publications and books at 16th Spring Book Fair

The largest outdoor book event this year will be held from May 29 (Monday) to June 4 (Sunday) in the space in front of the National Palace of Culture. This year, there's a record number of entries, titles and premieres - over 14,000 books from 144 publishers will be looking for their readers during 80 literary events during fair week
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Tourism Ministry to sign framework agreement with Association of Restaurants and Hotels; Ilin Dimitrov

Sofia, Bulgaria: Ilin Dimitrov, the Tourism Minister of Bulgaria, informed through his social media account that the Ministry of Tourism will sign a framework agreement with the Association of Restaurants and Hotels Schools in Bulgaria

Despite rainy weather, Springfield festival in Dryanovo continues

Dryanovo, Bulgaria: The Springfield Festival is being held for the first time in Dryanovo, celebrating its first day with joy and happiness. Despite the rainy weather forecast, hundreds of people arrived at Largo Square to enjoy the program

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World Citizenship Report 2023 by CS Global Partners ranks Denmark at top

World Citizenship Report 2023 was released by London-based government advisory and marketing firm CS Global Partners on April 20, 2023.