Bulgaria: PM Petkov is still in search for MPs to gain majority in parliament
Bulgaria: PM Petkov is still in search for MPs to gain majority in parliament

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Prime Minister, Kiril Petkov, is still searching for the MPs to seek a majority and withstand the no-confidence motion, which has been scheduled to be debated on June 18, 2022. Prime Minister Petkov himself made the remark on June 18. 

He stated, “We will do our best to find them. We will continue to work with everything we can, to convince them why it is so important for Bulgaria that they make the right decision”. 

“If by chance the government falls, his party and its current coalition partners would talk to every MP from all political groups who wants to decide whether to support a new government with a WCC mandate, “but they must be independent. Everyone who wants to be with us must be able to make their own decisions”, following the above statement, he then added. 

Along with this, he said that WCC is ready to negotiate with anyone but not with the GERB leader Boiko Borissov, Vuzrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov or ITN leader Slavi Trifonov. 

On the other hand, speaking in context with the upcoming meeting of the European Council on June 23 and 24, PM Petkov asserted, “The only thing I would say at the table with the leaders of Europe is that I will not make a change in the Bulgarian position if there is no decision from the Bulgarian Parliament”. 

The political chaos in the Balkan state has now taken a turn. At least 125 ministers are in favour of dissolving the Bulgarian coalition government – which is a majority number. 

President Roumen Radev putting ahead his point of view and blaming the current PM Petkov-led administration stated that the Cabinet has not been successful in preparing a Bulgarian proposal on the case with North Macedonia, and now it is submitting the French one. 

He then added to the above statement, “It transferred everything to the National Assembly without expressing the government’s position. The Prime Minister cannot submit something to Parliament without stating a position. He is not a courier, but a Prime Minister”.