Monkeypox continues to spike in Bulgaria; Causes, symptoms, precautions to stay safe against infection

Bulgaria's health ministry reported its first monkeypox case in June, confirming two men infected by the virus who were in proper and stable condition in hospitals. Since then, the terror of monkeypox worried the government as well as the health ministry of the country.

Read Here: WHO Dr Pebody lists safety measures against Monkeypox

Dr Pebody listed the reasons for concern in regards to Monkeypox as well as what people need to safeguard themselves.

Another monkeypox case for Bulgaria

The individual who tested positive for the outbreak was on the contact list of one of the previous patients who contracted monkeypox. 

Bulgaria health ministry confirms presence of monkeypox in country

The ministry then informed that the patients of the outbreak are of forty-one (41) and forty-four (44) years, respectively, and at the present time are in the capital city of the country, Sofia. However, both of them are in good terms, as per the reports. 

Europe is “Epicenter” of monkeypox

"We must act together with urgency to control it. At this early stage of the monkeypox outbreak - our best tool really is - our ability to generate & share critical knowledge across borders and across communities and population groups", added the WHO regional director. 

Monkeypox mainly found in cases where men had sex with men: WHO Europe Regional Director

"We have entered the summer months in the northern hemisphere, with summer tourism, various Pride events, music festivals and other mass gatherings planned across the Region", he then added.

EU to buy monkeypox vaccines for member states

The EU further noted that the agreement had been signed so that the vaccines are made available rapidly to the member states where the cases of the outbreak are witnessing a hike.

Dr Tedros: Over 1000 confirmed cases of MonkeyPox in 29 nations

"WHO does not recommend mass vaccination against monkeypox. In the few places where the vaccines are functional, they are being used to protect those who may be exposed, such as health workers and laboratory personnel", the statement by Dr Tedros.

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