Over 500 Bulgarian hotels register for govt's new scheme for Ukraine refugees
Over 500 Bulgarian hotels register for govt's new scheme for Ukraine refugees

Sofia, Bulgaria: State Agency for Refugees head Mariana Tosheva while speaking on Saturday, May 28, 2022, informed that more than 500 hotels have registered to participate in the new programme being launched after May 31 for the Ukrainian refugees.

Tosheva providing further details, stated that nearly 300 hotels were already providing accommodation to the Ukrainian nationals who fled the war land. A survey was conducted throughout the European country where Ukrainian refugees got themselves registered, completed nearly by 40,000.


According to the data presented by the refugee’s head, the majority of the Ukraine refugees who registered are women, of which nearly 3% are pregnant. Among this number, 7% of people are with any physical disability, and 10% are suffering from chronic diseases, she stated, adding that these people are on the priority list of the Bulgarian government.

Apart from this, she added that several calls were received by Bulgaria’s call centre for the relocation of refugees from Ukraine.

“Majority of those callers seemed to be justified, whereas many others were quite frivolous – stating – we would like to remain at the seafront, we want to have meat at least twice a week and mandatory hairdryer in the room”, the refugee head further adds.

Many of the Ukraine refugees have already left the country.

Tosheva informed there are also some of the government departments are not willing and ready to prepare their facilities to accommodate Ukraine refugees. Although she did not mention the department names but made it clear that in the next 24 hours if they did not fix the situation, there are chances of them facing sanctions.

Further providing highlights on relocation, Tosheva asserted, “Everything is thought out and planned. Indeed, it takes a lot of attention to detail. It’s a whole huge team and institutions, especially from BDZ, colleagues from the Transport Ministry & the Ministry of Interior, who are considering each part of the route and how to do the logistics in the most gentle way for everyone, both for those staying in other hotels and particularly for the people who are leaving the hotels, the Ukrainian citizens”.