63% Ukraine refugees are women
63% Ukraine refugees are women

Sofia, Bulgaria: The United Nations Human Rights Commission informed that a total of 63% among the 8 million Ukraine refugees who fled the war land are women and girls.

“With support from German Foreign Office, we distributed hygiene kits including sanitary pads to 19,000 women & girls fleeing through Odesa train station & others who have just arrived at transit centres in Dnipro”, underscored the UNHCR agency.


Meanwhile, as per the estimations of the international agency, more than 13 million additional people have directly been affected by the war.

Next week the war between Russia and Ukraine will be completing 100 days.

Following the present situation in Ukraine, many countries, as well as international organisations, are providing assistance to the country in technical, military and humanitarian or financial terms.

Till May 25, 2022, WHO provided 514 tons of medicines, drugs, electric generators, ambulances, trauma kits & emergency surgical care, etc., to Ukraine.

“Fuel shortages in the war-country further create an obstacle in the efficient distribution of supplies”.

Apart from this, the attacks on the healthcare staff in the war-hit country are increasing day by day, as reported by the WHO. The total count of such attacks has reached 256.

This week, the international health agency asserted, “A total of 20 additional attacks have been verified by our team on health care in Ukraine. As of May 26, 256 attacks on health care have been verified. At least 75 people have been killed & 59 injured. Attacks on health violate international law & endanger lives. Health should never be a target”.


On the other hand, there are a total of 8691 civilian casualties have taken place in the war-hit country to date.

At the global level, the total number of refugees has crossed the margin of 100 million.

UNHCR stated, “100 million people have been ForcedToFlee represents a dark day for humanity. A milestone we hoped we’d never have to mark. Too many lives torn apart. There are no winners in war, conflict or persecution”.