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Ukrainian girl complains about life in Bulgaria

A Ukrainian girl living in Bulgaria and working at a fast-food restaurant was featured in a video shared on social media by @MaimunkaNews

Russian nationalist living in Germany deported for insulting Ukrainian refugees

Yuliya Prokhorova, a Russian nationalist infamous for inciting people by posting degrading films about Ukrainians on social media, was deported from Germany. In a particularly well-liked TikTok video, blogger "TikTok" aggressively insulted two Ukrainian women while posing the question, "Who owns Kherson?''

Estonia provides €22 million humanitarian aid to 60,000 Ukrainian Refugees

The country has recently accepted 60,000 Ukrainian refugees who fled from the nation to escape the fatal effects of war, as Russia has continuously attacked several Ukrainian regions since the beginning of the war

Bulgaria: First Ukrainian educational centre opens in Sofia, lacks basic equipment

The first Ukrainian educational centre is officially opened in the capital (Sofia) Bugaria. The main objective of this school is to provide education to displaced Ukrainian children. It has been operating since September 15

EU decides to grant Є55 million for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria

The European Commission determined to pay Bulgaria 55 million euros through the European Social Fund for social payments. It was announced on Monday to assist the refugees who entered Bulgaria from different nations

Over 5,600 Ukraine refugees working in Bulgaria

These jobs are provided in nine (9) different professional fields and in 20 sectors, including - hotels and restaurants, administrative and ancillary activities, construction and professional activities and research and IT.

Ukraine refugees with temporary protection in Bulgaria eligible to stay till 2023

The scheme under which Bulgarian hotels were provided 40 leva per Ukraine refugee for their stay ended yesterday, May 31.

Bulgaria: 200 Ukraine refugees denies leaving Varna

The Regional Governor of Varna - Blagomir Kotsev, stated that the Bulgarian administration made every possible arrangement they could, but all the buses from the Golden Sands were empty yesterday morning.

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Despite rainy weather, Springfield festival in Dryanovo continues

Dryanovo, Bulgaria: The Springfield Festival is being held for the first time in Dryanovo, celebrating its first day with joy and happiness. Despite the rainy weather forecast, hundreds of people arrived at Largo Square to enjoy the program
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Khan International Sports (KIS) experience incredible growth and popularity among top international cricketers

Jammu & Kashmir, India: During the current Indian Premier League (IPL), Khan International Sports (KIS), a well-known bat manufacturing brand from Jammu and Kashmir, has experienced tremendous growth, giving the regional bat brand considerable prominence

Botev Plovdiv to compete against foreign elite clubs in Botev Cup

Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Botev (Plovdiv) organizes a strong international tournament for youth under 19 years. The tournament will be held from June 19 to June 25 in Plovdiv

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