Bulgaria: 25,000 Ukraine refugees signed up to shift accommodation
Bulgaria: 25,000 Ukraine refugees signed up to shift accommodation

Sofia, Bulgaria: Adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova – Krassimira Velichkova notified that more than 25,000 Ukraine refugees in Bulgaria signed up to shift from hotels.

The scheme was started by the Bulgarian government, under which a total amount of 40 leva per person was paid to the hotels where the Ukraine refugees are taking shelter will end on May 31, 2022. The Ukrainian nationals will be transported to the new accommodation places, most likely from rail service, as per the earlier statement released by the government of Bulgaria.


Another phase of the scheme will commence after May 31, under which a total amount of 10 or 15 leva per person will be paid to the hotels by the Bulgarian government.

As per to the recent update provided by the government, a total of 95 583 Ukrainians are currently taking shelter in the European country, of which nearly 1816 registered Ukraine nationals have left Bulgaria in between the time frame of May 25 and 26, 2022.

Velichkova asserted, “About 22 000 people who are in hotels at the moment will stay there because these hotels have signed up for the program and continue to take care of the refugees. We are confident that we will have places for all the people who need to be relocated”.

The Ukraine refugees who wish the Bulgarian government to provide shelter to them are required to complete a questionnaire set by the Balkan states’ government by today itself.

The statement of the Bulgarian government in the portal cites, “If someone who has so far benefited from the humanitarian programme no longer wishes to use it and does not wish to be relocated, he or she has the right to decide where to shelter at his or her own expense. Quite a number of people have already chosen to stay with their relatives & friends or in accommodation. However, for any individual who wants to be sheltered by the state, filling out the questionnaire is mandatory”.