Bulgaria stands with Sweden & Finland's decision to join NATO
Bulgaria stands with Sweden & Finland's decision to join NATO

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Bulgarian government stands with the decision of the Sweden and Finland administrations applying to become the member state of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  

In view of the European country, this decision taken by Sweden and Finland will bolster the security of the region. 

Bulgaria welcomes Finland’s and Sweden’s decision to apply for NATO membership. This will enhance European security, send a powerful message about NATO’s strength and reaffirm the validity of the Open Door Policy. We look forward to our common Euro-Atlantic future. #WeAreNATO“, underscored the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Bulgaria. 

The NATO Secretary-General – Jens Stoltenberg, today, May 18, 2022, will conduct a meeting with the Ambassador of Finland to NATO – Klaus Korhonen, as well as the Ambassador of Sweden to NATO – Axel Wernhoff. The information was shared by the spokesperson of NATO – Oana Lungescu, via the official Twitter account. The meeting will take place at the headquarters of NATO. 

Meanwhile, yesterday, the Foreign Minister of Sweden – Ann Linde, signed an application to make the country part of NATO.  

Sweden continues to be a strong supporter of multilateralism, and we are as committed as ever to our global engagement and our close collaboration with the international community at the UN“, cited the official Twitter handle of Sweden UN. 

Penning down the application, Linde asserted, “Just signed a historic indication letter to NATO Secretary-General – Jens Stoltenberg from the Swedish Government. Our NATO application is now formally signed”. 

A state visit was organized by the delegation of Finland yesterday, May 17, 2022. The foreign minister of Sweden calls the visit as “historic”. 

“Participated in the State Visit from Finland that begins today. The bilateral relationship between Sweden and Finland is uniquely close. This is a historic visit during an exceptional time for Sweden – Finland cooperation”, she cited.