Bulgaria is capable of repairing Ukraine equipment: Defence Minister Dragomir Zakov
Bulgaria is capable of repairing Ukraine equipment: Defence Minister Dragomir Zakov

The Defence Minister of Bulgaria – Dragomir Zakov, in his recent statement, underscored the country’s ability to repair the Ukrainian equipment, adding that the war-hit country is keeping “real” expectations from the European state.

Zakov, in his statement, asserted, “The Ukrainian expectations are realistic, and Bulgaria has sufficient capability to help repair Ukrainian military equipment”.


On the other end, speaking on the statement given by President Rumen Radev that the Bulgarian arms are killing Ukrainian people, the Defence Minister stated that these type of “disputes” between the institutions is not right.

Earlier this month, during the Parliament sitting, it was decided that the European country would be providing humanitarian, financial and military-technical assistance to the war-hit country of Ukraine.

Since the war began between Russia-Ukraine (February 24, 2022), Bulgaria has provided more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees with temporary health protection. Among all those Ukrainian nationals who crossed borders and arrived in Bulgaria, only 41% of them remained in the Balkan state.

Bulgaria is also providing several job opportunities to Ukrainian refugees.

In addition, at least 250 Ukrainian pilots surrendered to the Russian forces at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. The war between Russia-Ukraine has now entered its 83rd day.

On the other hand, Sweden and Finland have finally filed an application to become a member of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Nearly 6 million Ukraine nationals have fled the war land amid the Russian military invasion, the majority of which have gone to Poland.


A 42-member team has been sent to Ukraine by the International Criminal Court on Tuesday. The team will investigate the war crimes which took place in Ukraine amid the Russian military invasion. This is considered the largest deployment in history.

Meanwhile, the United States of America will be creating a new unit to conduct research, document as well as publicise alleged war crimes by Russia in Ukraine.