German Chancellor alarms not to engage
German Chancellor alarms not to engage "directly" with Russia as it may trigger World War III

World: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, speaking yesterday (April 22, 2022), stated that NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization ‘must’ avoid any direct military confrontation with Russia, fearing that it might lead to World War III. The Chancellor was speaking during an interview. 

He asserted, “There is no rule to determine when Germany can be considered a belligerent nation in the war in Ukraine and therefore, it is the reason why it becomes very significant that every step is carefully considered”.   


Following the above statement, the German Chancellor outlines the importance of NATO allies working together as a “fist”, adding to ignore the exorbitant calls for giving a quick reaction. 

Below is the statement of Scholz: 

We are required to do everything to bypass a direct military confrontation between NATO & a heavily armed superpower such as Russia, a nuclear power. I will do everything in my power to avoid an escalation which could lead to World War III – there can be no nuclear war“. 

On the other end, Scholz highlighted and pledged to continue to deliver arms and weaponry supply to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.  

“We are currently supplying weapons, and many of our allies are doing the same. This is not about fear but rather about political responsibility. Avoiding an escalation involving NATO is the highest priority for me. So I am not peering over at polls or permitting myself to be irritated by shrill calls”. 

Further speaking on the EU’s decision to impose a gas embargo on Russia, the Chancellor opposed the decision, saying that it would not end the war but rather would be responsible for initiating a “dramatic economic crisis” in the Europe region.  

Today is the 59th day of the Russia-Ukraine war. NATO allies have been conducting military exercises since the Russian invasion. While emphasizing the importance of continuing training and exercising at the present time, the NATO partner troops stated, “The invasion of Ukraine by Russia underlined again that you need to have capable forces, combat-ready“.