NATO begins Namejs 2022 military exercise in Latvia
NATO begins Namejs 2022 military exercise in Latvia

World: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has commenced military exercise Namejs 2022, which will be held till May 27, 2022. In this military exercise of NATO, at least 30,000 servicemen will be participating, including the Artillery and mechanized units, as well as aviation and paratroopers. 

The exercise will be comprised of the units from the NATO states, which are, for the present time, deployed in Latvia on a rotating basis as part of the military bloc’s Enhanced Forward Presence.  


The primary focus of the military exercise is to enhance and foster the unification of national and allied forces for several defence tasks, including the practical training of Latvian and NATO command elements, joint tactical field exercises as well as cross-border combat cooperation.

During the initial phase of the troops of the United States of America, the Czech Republic, Poland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, and Estonia will take part, as well as troopers from Albania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, Montenegro, Canada, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.  

As per the provided information, artillery firings will also be taking place at the Adazhsky training ground during the exercise, and the military and the equipment will move throughout the nation during the training time period. 

The official Twitter handle of NATO tweeted while providing further information, “NATO Allies have significantly increased the number of fighter jets on alert. They are conducting around the clock air patrols over eastern Europe to safeguard Allied air space.” 

For another military exercise – ColdResponse22, at least 30,000 troops from 27 NATO Allied and partner countries came together in Norway. Also, the numbers of the NATO allies have hiked the number of fighter jets on alert, conducting around the clock air patrols over Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania with the aim to secure the air spaces of the allied states.