Road accident in Bulgaria kills 2, leaves 10 injured
Road accident in Bulgaria kills 2, leaves 10 injured

Sofia, Bulgaria: According to the statement released by the Bulgarian Defense Ministry, two individuals of foreign nationality have been killed; meanwhile, ten others sustained injuries in a traffic accident which also included a military truck. The accident took place on the afternoon of Tuesday between Rezovo to Gramatikovo in southeastern Bulgaria. 

The statement of the ministry further notes that the military truck was supplying logistical support to the – Ministry of Interior for the protection of the Bulgarian-Turkish border when the accident happened. 


All of the injured were immediately taken to the hospital facilities and are now hospitalized and under observation, according to the statement released by the ministry. 

The reason for the accident has yet also not been revealed and is under investigation. Although, despite this, there is no further information has been shared by the Defense Ministry in regards to the 12 victims.  

Union of Bulgarian Motorists, earlier this year, shared the data, defining that the country contains the highest road accident death rate in the European Union, with nearly 100 dead per every million people. The data shows that 99 people per million inhabitants lost their lives in road accidents in the years – 2015, 2014 – 91.8 people, in 2013 and 2012 – 82 people. 

Meanwhile, as per the data revealed by the – World Health Organisation – WHO, which was published in the year of 2018 – Road Traffic Accidents Deaths in Bulgaria reached the margin of 527 or 0.56% of total deaths. The age-adjusted Death Rate is 6.57 per 100,000 population, ranks Bulgaria 145 in the world. 

During the past years, the European Commission has taken several significant measures to control the increasing alarming road accidents in its member states, to which the Union of Bulgarian Motorists issued a statement noting that the accidents have declined in developed Western European countries but not in Bulgaria.