Bulgaria to purchase 8 F-16 combat aircraft from US
Bulgaria to purchase 8 F-16 combat aircraft from US

Sofia, Bulgaria: The European country will be purchasing eight F-16 combat aircraft for $1.67 billion from the United States of America. The US Defense Department approved the purchase of aircraft by the Bulgarian government on Monday, April 4, 2022, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

This deal will indeed bolster and strengthen the defence forces of Bulgaria.  


The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, in a released statement, asserted, “The proposed sale will enhance Bulgaria’s ability to meet current & future threats by enabling the Bulgarian Air Force to deploy modern fighter aircraft routinely in the Black Sea region.” 

The approval also came after the assumption that one of the United States NATO allies could provide Ukraine with the MIG-29 aircraft to assist in its fight against Russia and that the US could provide allies with US aircraft in exchange. 

The Previous month, US Defense Secretary – Lloyd Austin paid a visit to the European country of Bulgaria and other nations. 

In addition, the US government has announced to provide more security assistance to Ukraine amid the current situation. 

Austin, while providing the information, stated, “Yesterday, we announced another $300m in security assistance to Ukraine, bringing the total to $2.3b during the Biden Admin. It also represents the start of a contracting process — the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative — to provide new capabilities to – Ukraine’s Armed Forces.”  

“When I spoke to Ukrainian Minister of Defence @oleksiireznikov today, I reiterated our continued support for Ukraine. Our most recent package, announced last Friday, includes $300m in additional security. I also expressed my strong condemnation and outrage at the apparent atrocities committed by Russian forces in Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine.” 

One of the top officials in the global campaign against the use of land mines requested Russia on Monday to stop its troops in Ukraine from laying the weapons that too often kill and maim civilians. Alicia Arango Olmos, Colombia’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, expressed concern over the media reports on the usage of land mines in its war with Ukraine.