Russia must stop this war: PM Petkov

Prime Minister Petkov called the pictures coming from Ukraine as "appalling."  

Russia must stop this war: PM Petkov
Russia must stop this war: PM Petkov

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov, has once again made an appeal called on the Russian government to put an end to its invasion of Ukraine. The statement comes from the leader as he expressed his condolences to the Ukrainian citizens and defence personnel who lost their lives in the war against Russia.  

Prime Minister Petkov called the pictures coming from Ukraine as “appalling.”  


The data on civilian Ukrainians killed by the Russian army and the photos from Bucha is appalling. My deepest condolences & solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Russia must stop this war, and the perpetrators of these war crimes must be held accountable,” the tweet of the Bulgarian Prime Minister underscores.   

The European country continuously stood by Ukraine, providing shelter and basic amenities to the Ukrainian nationals who fled the country. 

Today is the 40th day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. To date, Ukraine refugees in millions migrated to other neighbouring nations for the sake of their lives.  

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, witnessing the ongoing situation between Russia-Ukraine, tweeted, 

“I am deeply shocked by the pictures of civilians killed in Bucha, Ukraine. It is essential that an independent investigation leads to effective accountability.” 

On the other hand, United Nations provided information on the numbers of total migrated Ukrainian nationals and tweeted, “4 million people have fled Ukraine to seek safety in other countries. As the UN works tirelessly to help those affected by the war, see how we can all take action to stand.”  

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“Forced to run for their lives. Forced to leave their homes. Forced to be apart from family. This tragedy must stop. #Ukraine” tweeted UNHRC’s refugee agency.  

Ukraine refugees from different countries can contact the respective mentioned websites. For Hungary: Poland: Romania: Slovakia:, and in any other country at –