European Prosecutor denies involvement in Bulgaria's former prime minister's arrest
European Prosecutor denies involvement in Bulgaria's former prime minister's arrest

Sofia, Bulgaria: The European Public Prosecutor’s Office – (EPPO) issued a statement on Monday, March 21, 2022, stating that it has nothing to do with the detention of the former Bulgarian Prime Minister – Boyko Borissov, and other government officials. EPPO added it was only working and took actions on the accusations of “systemic corruption against senior public officials of the European country”

Apart from this, Menko Menkov (lawyer of Borissov) stated that EPPO was not involved in any of the investigations against the former prime minister. 

The statement issued by the EPPO cites, “If there is any additional information which could be made public, this will be done actively with a position on our part”, adding that, “The European Prosecutor’s Office confirms the receipt of several signals from Bulgaria, containing serious allegations of fraud with European funds and systemic corruption against senior public officials. Investigations are ongoing”. 

Meanwhile, speaking on the decision of former prime minister’s arrest, PM Petkov stated, “It has been known for over a year that there is such a case, Bozhkov told no one. It is insane that the prosecutor’s office does not even hold a pre-trial proceeding to have a Skype conversation with Bozhkov”. 

He then stated that the prosecutor’s office is an “occupied institution” that is not doing its job properly. 

Following the above statement, he then added, “If anyone wants, they can do it tomorrow. Mr Bozhkov wants to provide information. A man who bribed high-ranking officials wants to tell the story, and the prosecutor’s office says that Skype connections are not the way and it does not care. His partners, the secretaries in the Ministry of Finance, are not being questioned. The fact, if it turns out to be true, is that because of a bribe of BGN 60 million, half a billion of our money has flowed out”. 

The former prime minister and the other Bulgarian government officials have been released from detention without any extortion charge.