The presentation of Dimitar N.’s book sparked colossal interest—Dimitrov “Municipality of Dryanovo – A Look at the Past, Memories and Reflection.” Yesterday, on August 25, 2023, the book was presented by writer Dimitar Nikolov.

On August 18, 2023, the Municipality of Dryanovo announced the presentation of the book and invited the residents to attend the ceremony.


Many performed at the Ritual Hall of Dryanovo Municipality on August 23 to respect Dimitar Nikolov and learn more about his book, which came out of print recently. He delivered a speech and appreciated all the guests gathered in Ritual Hall.

On her pages, Mr. Dimitrov shares extremely interesting and valuable facts about the development of Dryanovo, especially in the turning years of the last two decades of the 20th century.

The new book follows multiple historical events and accurately presents Dryanovo in the 20th century. The presenter, Georgi Tsvetkov, opened the meeting and reminded the attendees of the author’s rich life and professional journey.

Then, Mr. Dimitrov told interesting events related to exciting moments from the recent history of Dryanovo – the water supply, the restoration of the clock tower, the construction of the Hunting Lodge, the construction of a hunting park near the village of Genya and the mouflons, deer, deer, and rabbits. It was inhabited there for polyclinics, etc.

Mayor Trifon Panchev, with whose financial support the book was published, Chairman of the Municipal Council – Dryanovo Todor Georgiev, Chairman of the Bacho Kiro Tourist Society, as well as many friends and former colleagues, expressed their congratulations and gratitude to Dimitar Dimitrov.