Bulgaria: Prime Minister attends EUCO summit in Brussels
Bulgaria: Prime Minister attends EUCO summit in Brussels Bulgaria: Prime Minister attends EUCO summit in Brussels

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov, attended the meeting of the EUCO, where he discussed several crucial matters of concern in Brussels.

Providing information about the meeting, the prime minister added, “I am glad that during the extraordinary meeting of the European Council EUCO I managed to present the national position to our European partners and to receive a reprieve for our country”.


“This success of the Bulgarian government clearly shows that our country already occupies a leading position in the European family and our firm position in response to the suspension of Russian gas supplies receives European support”.

He then said that the 6th package of sanctions would be adopted, and much of Russia’s cash flow would stop. This step of the European Union is strong and a big step, in view of the Bulgarian prime minister.

In context to the above statement, PM Petkov highlights that these sanctions will effectively reduce about 90% of Russia’s oil imports to the EU by the end of the ongoing year.

Giving a reply to media personnel after being asked about the chances of a food crisis amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the Bulgarian Prime Minister cited that the European country is a major exporter of grain and could be part of the solution.

“As a country, we are an exporter of this very valuable commodity, and we will not have a food crisis”, he highlighted, adding that the reputation of Bulgaria is improving in the European Union as the country defends its national interests.

Prime Minister Petkov further states that the Bulgarian administration provided “unprecedented” support to the Ukrainian refugees over the last three months. He added that the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kalina Konstantinova gave him assurance that the living conditions would continue to be good.