Dryanovo Municipality to celebrate Day of People’s Awakening

Dryanovo, Bulgaria: On November 1, every year, the Dryanovo Municipality celebrate the Day of People’s Awakening. This day pays tribute to the work of writers, educators, and national liberation fighters who have preserved the spiritual values of the nation over the centuries.

On the occasion of the Day of the People’s Awakening this year in Dryanovo following are the activities expected to be performed-

  • Open lesson “Oh, folk awakening” at the Historical Museum – Dryanovo, a joint venture with Clover Kindergarten.
  • Celebrating the Day of the People’s Awakening in the Community Rooms in Gostilica (from 10:30 am ), Ganchovets (11:00 am), Zaya (11:00h. ), Runea (11:00 hrs. ) and Gozdeyka (16:00h).
  •  From the community centre in Tsareva, they will visit at 10:00 am. the kindergarten in the village to talk about the Buddhists and the holiday.
  •  At 17.30 is the presentation of the book “Emilian Stanev. Him and the others”. Meeting with the author Dr. Radka Pencheva, Editor-in-Chief of the Emilian Stanev House Museum at the National Literary Museum. The event will take place in the Temporary Exhibition Hall in the exhibition “Kolya Ficheto” at the Historical Museum – Dryanovo

On November 2, at 16.30 h. National High School “Development – 1869” Dryanovo organizes a quiz, presentation and a torch procession dedicated to the Day of People’s Awakeners.