PM Petkov blames 4 dignitaries for no confidence motion debate
PM Petkov blames 4 dignitaries for no confidence motion debate

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Prime Minister of Bulgaria has blamed four prominent personalities for the no-confidence motion debate. The statement was made by the leader of the WCC (We Continue the Change) during the discussion on the no-confidence motion in the plenary hall today, June 22.

The current political turmoil in Bulgaria has ignited and led to several protests all across the country. During the debate, the Bulgarian Prime Minister got into a heated argument with the chairman of the Parliamentary Group of “There Is Such a People”, Toshko Yordanov.


“Borissov fears that justice will come. Peevski is afraid that his companies will not get this money, Mitrofanova is not scary, and sometimes you may not listen to her about everything. Tomorrow depends on you. Do not allow Bulgarian politics, and where this country is going, to depend on four text messages from 4 people who are not in this hall. I missed who the fourth text message will be from – from Slavi Trifonov”, the Prime Minister added.

Speaking after coming out of the parliament yesterday, the prime minister, in conversation with the media personnel, expressed his hope that the no-confidence motion might not be passed and if it does, the WCC leader has an alternative plan.  

PM Petkov cited, “We still have seven days to speak to the various MPs, especially from ITN. I hope there are more people who are hesitant. We heard a lot of arguments; they didn’t have much weight or much meaning. We cannot make a deal with people who were part of the coalition model; we would be lying to ourselves and our voters, and this cannot happen. The other thing which can’t happen is to make a deal with the MRF (Movement for Rights and Freedoms). They hope for that, but it can’t happen”, the Bulgarian prime minister further adds.