Bulgarian parliament to conduct 'No Confidence Motion' debate on June 21
Bulgarian parliament to conduct 'No Confidence Motion' debate on June 21

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Acting Speaker of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Miroslav Ivanov, has announced that the debate on the ‘no-confidence motion’ will be held in the parliament on June 21, 2022. The information has been shared on the official website of the Bulgarian parliament. 

GERB-UDF coalition has tabled the coalition on the bases of the failure of the government in public finance and economic policy. The largest coalition and the other groups who have shown support for the confidence motion contain enough majority to be approved with 125 MPs. 


There are a total of 240 seats in the Bulgarian National Assembly. 

On the other hand, the coalition government needs to gather at least six more MPs to show the majority of the Bulgarian administration in the National Assembly, surviving the no-confidence motion. 

Meanwhile, speaking and expressing his views on the ongoing political turmoil, on June 17, President Roumen Radev stated, “Like all Bulgarians, I follow with bitterness the disintegration of this National Assembly. The political parties must be aware that with these muddy struggles, they are discrediting the entire political system and that the Bulgarian parliament is not a marketplace. Some are buying MPs; others are agreeing to return to the old model of corruption“. 

Both sides are killing the hopes and trust of the country’s citizens in the politicians, stated the President, adding, “They are killing it with their speech, behaviour, populism and fraternisation between political opponents in the name of power”. 

What do we know so far about the political chaos in Bulgaria? 

The removal of the WCC’s National Assembly Speaker, Nikola Minchev, on June 16 ignited protest in the European country. Bulgarians in Hundreds gathered outside the parliament in support of Minchev. 

The protest was later joined by the ex-national assembly speaker, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, along with the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Asen Vaskov Vasilev.  


At least 7 MPs of the ITN quit the party earlier this week, just five days after four MPs of the party left the coalition government of Bulgaria.