Bulgaria political turmoil: PM Petkov calls ITN Leader as irresponsible and egoistic
Bulgaria political turmoil: PM Petkov calls ITN Leader as irresponsible and egoistic

Sofia, Bulgaria: The country once again is facing political turmoil leading to the partition of the coalition government. Speaking on the matter, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kiril Petkov, stated that he believes and hopes there are some politicians in the parliament with morals who will choose their country above everything, particularly (their party leader).

The Bulgarian Prime Minister made the remark in a video message. 


Further referring to the leader of the ITN political party, Slavi Trifonov, he stated, “Especially if this party leader is a former singer who most irresponsibly decides to risk this government just because of his personal ego“.  

Trifonov, on June 8, announced the withdrawal of his party from the Bulgarian coalition administration. The party also imposed some serious allegations on PM Petkov, citing he tried to bribe some of the MPs so that they could vote in favour of the government in terms of various legislations. These allegations have been clearly denounced by the PM Petkov-led We Continue the Change party.  

He then criticised the other parties for not showing support for the Budget amendments, adding, “Why do not these parties want to increase pensions, just when these people need support against inflation the most? Why shouldn’t we support young families with additional tax incentives?”. 

Why don’t we want to reduce the price of petrol? Because of political intrigue, political games. This is very irresponsible. That is why I will continue to talk to any MP who feels that his responsibility is not to someone’s party leader but to Bulgaria. It is quite clear that today we are on a watershed – on the side of corruption and behind-the-scenes dealings or on the side of clarity and care for people”, the prime minister further highlights in his statement. 

He also informed that if, before the end of this year, several laws are not implemented, then the EU Recovery and Sustainability Plan funds will not arrive in the European country.