EU: Russia-Ukraine was is threat to food security
EU: Russia-Ukraine was is threat to food security

The war between Russia and Ukraine has and is impacting the trade at the global level and is also to be blamed for the global food crisis. The President of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, speaking on the matter, stated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine reverberates around the world, affecting the lives of millions and is a threat to food security. 

She then underlined the four areas which are required to be focused on by the international organisations – 

  • Keeping markets open so that trade can continue to flow. 
  • Support to the countries most at risk. 
  • Investing in making local production more sustainable and resilient, in particular in Africa.
  • Ensuring a global response: food security will be a key theme of the upcoming G7 leader’s summit. 


EU President went on saying that, “In all the Next Generation EU plans, investments are linked to reforms. In the case of Poland – linked to clear commitments on the independence of the judiciary. These commitments, translated into milestones, must be fulfilled before any payment can be made”.  

“We are not at the end of the road on the – rule of law in Poland. Agreeing to the recovery plan does not stop the other procedures. We would continue the current infringement proceedings. We will not be hesitatant to start new ones if needed”, underscored the President of the European Union. 

The war between Russia and Europe has now completed 104 days and entered its 105th day. 

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had a conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday, June 8. During the talk, the Ukrainian President raised the issue of the Russian Federation’s compliance with the international rules governing the treatment of prisoners of war. 

Additionally, Ukraine’s prosecutor general cited that he had opened over 16,000 investigations into war crimes by the Russian military forces.