WHO conducts independent evaluation of COVID-19 response in Ukraine
WHO conducts independent evaluation of COVID-19 response in Ukraine

World Health Organisation – WHO conducted an independent evaluation of the COVID-19 response in the war-hit country of Ukraine. The analysis resulted in the combination of experience, capability, collaboration and preparation that, with support from the Government of Ukraine, WHO was able to respond very well.

At the present time of war with Russia, the health sector of Ukraine is not stable and has made the situation of COVID-19 more worse.

International health agency’s regional office of Ukraine, on the present condition of the country, asserted, “Even as our partners and we seek to address urgent, immediate health needs in Ukraine, we must also look to a future to building back shattered health systems, for long-term viability and well-being”.

Apart from this, the regional director of World Health Organisation Europe – Hans Kluge, arrived back in the war-torn nation. He will be taking assess the health conditions and needs while ensuring that every possible assistance is being provided to them.

Kluge asserted, “I am back in Ukraine to assess people’s immediate & long-term health needs, meet our staff & offer my full support to health workers & Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The health system faces a challenging road ahead to recover & rebuild. World Health Organisation
is with Ukraine every step of the way”.

The previous week, 20 tons of medicines and 18 ambulances as humanitarian aid has been provided to Ukraine’s health ministry. Meanwhile, the WHO donated 34 pharmaceutical refrigerators in which blood can be stored in Ukraine.

Thanking WHO, Ukraine’s health ministry cited, “Most of them are now being transported to different regions of the country. We thank our international partners for their support. Thanks to all the organizations that have provided assistance and support to Ukraine since the first day of the war”.

The war between Russia-Ukraine has entered its 82nd day.