Ukraine President writes to Bulgarian parliament, seeking assistance during war
Ukraine President writes to Bulgarian parliament, seeking assistance during war

Once again, seeking assistance from the Bulgarian administration, this time, the President of Ukraine, Vlodomyr Zelenskyy, has penned down a letter to the country’s parliament.

The letter comes prior to the significant sitting of the Bulgarian parliament to discuss the dispute of whether to send arms and other military assistance to the war-hit country of Ukraine or not on May 4, 2022.


Ukraine’s ambassador in Sofia, Vitaly Moskalenko, was the one who delivered the letter of President to the Bulgarian parliament members.

The letter contained six requests, which included: asking the Bulgarian government to provide the opportunity of exporting Ukraine grain via the route of the Black Sea port of Varna, Bulgaria.

He further asked the Bulgarian administration to import Ukrainian electricity and natural gas. As earlier announced, the Ukrainian President asked the European country to repair the Ukrainian military equipment in Bulgaria.

Apart from this, the Ukrainian President has also asked the Bulgarian administration to continue providing Ukraine refugees with the required basic necessities, such as – shelter, food, healthcare etc.

Zelenskyy has also asked for the support of the Balkan state in integrating Ukraine into the European Union, as well as supplying emergency medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Controversy struck between the coalition government of Bulgaria over the supply of military assistance to Ukraine. There are some ministers who stand with the decision to provide military aid to Ukraine, while others are against it.

As per the information, a total of three drafts have been tabled in Bulgaria, that is – by the Kiril Petkov-Assen Vassilev We Continue the Change (WCC) party, ruling coalition partner Democratic Bulgaria and opposition GERB-UDF.