Bulgaria ranks 112th in World Press Freedom Index
Bulgaria ranks 112th in World Press Freedom Index

Sofia, Bulgaria: According to the data revealed by Amnesty International, “media freedom” languished in Bulgaria from 2021-to 2022. The data has been published in the State of the World’s Human Rights report. 

The country has bagged 112th position out of 180 countries in the RSF’s 2021 World Press Freedom Index. This is the lowest position among all the European country member states.


The Council for Electronic Media, Amnesty International, notified that during the time, the government of Bulgaria declined funding to many of the public media outlets and as well as to the media regulator of the European nation. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has played a significant part in worsening the conditions for reporters, journalists, and other media employees, leading to precarious working conditions. 

Following the condition, numerous media staffers had to lose their job, while some witnessed deductions in the salary cuts and delays in the payments, the report further reveals.

The World Press Freedom Index has been topped by Norway, followed by Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Jamaica, New Zealand.  

“Published every year since 2002 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the World Press Freedom Index is an important advocacy tool based on the principle of emulation between states. Because it is well known, its influence over governments is growing. Many heads of state and government fear its annual publication. The Index is a point of reference that is quoted by media throughout the world and is used by diplomats,” the website of RSF cites.   

Besides Index, the RSF also computes a global indicator and all-around regional performance of the nations as well as regions across the world and in every region in terms of media freedom. 

The level of measuring media freedom in at least 180 countries and other regions is specified by combining the responses of the experts to a questionnaire developed by RSF only.