My home was destroyed, there is nothing to return to: Natasha - Ukraine refugee
My home was destroyed, there is nothing to return to: Natasha - Ukraine refugee

We have come across several stories of Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the Russian military invasion. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is continuously bringing on the front these stories and providing every possible assistance they can provide.

Two Ukraine sisters fled the war in Ukraine and arrived in Slovakia in uncertainty. Just within a few hours of the same day, both the sisters (Antonina and Natasha), with help from UNHCR, found a place to stay and hope for the future.


Getting assistance and reaching safely, Natasha stated, “My home was destroyed. There is nothing to return to. We do not know where we are going to go”.

“Our beautiful city”, says another sister, as she praises the services being nourished to them, adding, “We had worn black all these days. We decided it was time to be bright and positive”.

Meanwhile, Jovica Zarić – the team leader for UNHCR’s operation in eastern Slovakia, cited as he sheds light on the current situation, “So many people from all walks of life are helping. The response of Slovak society has been outstanding”.

On the other hand, the agency WHO in the war-hit country assured its assistance to Ukraine as well as praised the efforts of the country’s government.

“Ukraine is making massive efforts to scale up community-based mental health services as the needs for mental health & psychosocial support are growing. WHO is supporting people in Ukraine to overcome the consequences of the war for their mental health”.

WHO has also supported or coordinated more than 50 Emergency Medical Teams in Ukraine and neighbouring countries hosting refugees, and we have trained thousands of Ukrainian healthcare providers on how to handle mass casualties, says the chief of WHO.