Russia’s false information is a thing of the past. Vladimir Putin told the truth about the gospel, and now he has declared that Joe Biden is not the old fool portrayed by the hostile media, especially in Russia. 

Biden is a “professional” who “knows everything well,” the former KGB case officer told a group of college graduates after meeting our 78-year-old president in Geneva last week. He said, “You have to be very careful when working with him so that you don’t miss anything. He doesn’t lack anything himself, and I assure you that this is absolutely clear to me. He is very focused, he knows what he wants to achieve, and he is very skilled, you can feel it immediately.”


In China, this shameless bragging has an expression: “Peng Sha”, praising someone who ruined him. In most cultures, flattery is suspected to be a prelude to arrogance, especially in Russia and China. 

However, CNN and other American media look at Putin’s praise on the surface because it is exactly what they want to hear. This reflects the White House narrative they themselves promoted when they talked frankly about Biden’s “sophisticated atmosphere of self-confidence” in Europe, his “reputation as a foreign policy-wise man” and his “mobility on the world stage,” while they reported the obvious weakness and frequent confusion during his tour.

Last week, when Putin made lyrical remarks about Biden’s cognitive abilities, he did not laugh once, but he still had a lot of fun, which was when he made an initially seemingly puzzling mention to the White House press secretary. It’s obvious.  

Jen Psaki did not attend the meeting between the two leaders and has nothing to do with the meeting process. “So [Biden] sometimes confuses things with something,” Putin said. “Your press secretary is a young, educated, and beautiful woman; she constantly confuses things herself. “It’s not because I have a bad education or a bad memory, but when people think some things are secondary, they aren’t too concerned. “Americans think nothing is more important than themselves,” he added, with a typical arrogance. 

The mention of Psaki clearly shows that Putin is accepting Mickey, because Psaki is a comedy legend in Russia, especially in Putin’s nationalist base, and the way is not good. When she served as John Kerry’s spokesperson during the Obama administration, she made a series of blatant mistakes that made her a favorite punching bag of Russian Internet trolls. For example, at a press conference in 2014, when he said that natural gas flows from Western Europe to Russia, he confused their addresses. “There is airflow… From Western Europe to Ukraine to Russia, we, or vice versa, from Russia to Ukraine to Western Europe,” he said.

Although it was quickly corrected, the Russian Internet used the initial misstatement to describe it as ignorance. Another favorite error was that Psaki listed a series of objections to the Ukrainian election by the State Department, which he said included “carousel voting,” a kind of multiple voting. When the Associated Press reporter asked what it meant, he said he didn’t know.