There’s reason to believe Thor knew more about time travel and the TVA than he showed in Avengers Endgame

The latest clip released for the Loki series suggests that Thor has more thoughts about time travel than revealed in “Avengers: Endgame.” Marvel’s Loki hinted that Fat Thor had more thoughts about time travel than he initially understood in “Avengers 3: Endgame.” Marketing for the upcoming Disney+ series directed by Tom Hiddleston is in full swing, in which he will replay his favorite Asgard liar role.

This will be the first time the God of Mischief has separated from his brother for an outing, but in any case, Loki will still be able to reveal potential new details about Thor. This is because Loki’s jumping level-the character’s sudden escape from Tesseract successfully placed him under the surveillance of TVA and was eventually detained. Despite this, the details of the anti-hero’s new journey are still unclear, but Loki will be forced to help, including a more destructive threat-in any other case, he is at risk of being wiped out. The trailer revealed that the God of Mischief will eventually cooperate and let him perform new tasks, where he will face different variants.


However, it is worth noting that the events of the Marvel Studios project took place in a branching timeline, and it will feature a redeemed Loki who only suffered a humiliating defeat in the Avengers. Directly reveal new details about the main timeline of the MCU, especially about his brother. In the new clip released by Marvel Studios for the series, the crook officially casts himself on Agent Mobius Mobius, who killed him from being killed by TVA. Loki was skeptical of his salvation host and furious directly at the timekeepers and who they were and what they did. He even laughed at their existence. Surprisingly, he knows this organization well, and considering the transition period of his detention by them, he is likely to have their information before becoming their prisoner/agent. Therefore, if Loki knew TVA and spent most of his life with Thor who rose to this level in Asgard, then Fat Thor might have already identified them when they discussed the principles and potential of time. Journey in Endgame. Assuming this is indeed the case, why didn’t Prince Asgard point to the timekeeper when he made the time robbery plan? Although his mental and physical conditions are so difficult, he still remembers important details about the Reality Stone, enough to share with others. Occasionally, the creation of the branching timeline was not the result that the hero had foreseen, and indeed no one expected a team to defend the universe timeline. If Thor said something, it might be helpful.

TVA, however, unlike the knowledge it provides about Infinite Gems, research on the aforementioned groups may make them hesitant to continue their mission. At that time, Fat Thor wanted to cancel the war of annihilation in response to his guilt that he failed to stop Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”. Behind the scenes, this will be simply defined by the facts of the Avengers: Endgame administrator Joe and Anthony Russo didn’t know what Loki’s plan was at the time. Most likely, Marvel Studios hasn’t even figured out the current details and the fourth phase of MCU may begin so early. Since TVA is advancing like a job in an MCU, it is not accidental that the timekeeper finally meets the Avengers. If this happens, maybe Thor can finally share his information and let his superhero team know all about the organization.