NewsBorràs Should Have Given Up Being A Candidate

Borràs Should Have Given Up Being A Candidate


The president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, commented on Tuesday that if Laura Borràs were active in Esquerra, she would have had to give up being a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, after being investigated for a case of alleged corruption.

In statements to La Sexta, Junqueras has alluded to the situation in which Borràs finds himself, investigated by the Supreme Court for the allegedly irregular award to a friend of 18 contracts worth 259,863 euros when he directed the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC ), before making the leap into politics.

“Whenever ERC has encountered a situation of this type, it has asked that militant to resign as a candidate,” said Junqueras, who stressed that Esquerra can boast of “90 years of pristine history, without any case of corruption. ”.

Faced with those voices from JxCat that question ERC’s strategy, he stressed: “Nobody is going to give me lessons on independence. I have been an independentista since I can remember ”.

The CUP corrects its candidate for resisting a possible investiture of Borràs for his imputation.

The words of Junqueras have come after this Tuesday morning, in statements to La 2 and Ràdio 4, the head of the CUP list, Dolors Sabater, pointed out that if Borràs continued to be charged after 14-F that would be “a impediment ”for the anti-capitalist formation to support it in an eventual investiture.

“It would be better if this issue had been clarified earlier,” added Sabater. Subsequently, the CUP has specified in a statement that it has already “demonstrated its commitment against corruption but also its solidarity against repression and State causes.” “We believe that the independence movement cannot allow even a shadow of a doubt.

Even so, the only veto that the CUP has put on the table is for a government that continues with the paralysis of the last three years ”, he added. Later, in an electoral act, Sabater has qualified his previous words and has stressed that the only “vetoes” of the CUP in the face of an investiture are for a Government “of 155” or for an executive that “continues with the paralysis” independentista that has supposed in his opinion the coalition of JxCat and ERC.

For her part, the Minister of Justice, Ester Capella, has avoided clarifying whether ERC would be willing to invest Borràs as president of the Generalitat.


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