Bulgaria: Plovdiv Jazz Summer 2022 concert to make people groove
Bulgaria: Plovdiv Jazz Summer 2022 concert to make people groove

Sofia, Bulgaria: Plovdiv Jazz Summer 2022 is going to take place in the Balkan state of Bulgaria from August 3 to 5, 2022, and the second part of the festival will be conducted from August 26 to 28 in the nearby village of Markovo. 

The concert will be celebrated with full enthusiasm under the theme of “Long Shadows of August”. The passes for the concert are available. Each ticket costs around 20 leva per concert, or a Grand Pass costs 60 leva for all three and can be purchased from Eventim. 


Beloved Miroslava Katsarova – the Bulgarian jazz singer, will be in the limelight of the event and start the series of concerts by giving stunning performances on the first day. Miroslav Turiyski and Mladen Dimitrov will join Katsarova on piano and drums, respectively. 

Apart from this, the Trio will be releasing its’ new song for, which the fans have been waiting for a long time ago. 

Meanwhile, on August 4, Rosalia de Souza – Brazilian-born Rome-based bossa nova starwill make the Bulgarian population shake their legs on music. This series of entertainment and mesmerizing music will be continued by Bulgaria’s Beloslava on August 5, 2022. 

As per the information provided, the concerts will commence at 9 pm at the Orpheus Summer Theatre in Todor Kableshkov Street. 

Although the full list of musicians and singers who will be performing during the second series of the Jazz festival 2022 has not been announced yet, but Teodosii Spassov will be among the performers on August 27, 2022. The event will be full of excitement, as promised by the organizers.