Political Turbulence in Bulgaria: 6 MPs leave Slavi Trifonov led-ITN party
Political Turbulence in Bulgaria: 6 MPs leave Slavi Trifonov led-ITN party

Sofia, Bulgaria: The political turmoil is pacing up in the European country of Bulgaria. After the four Cabinet Ministers from the ITN party resigned and left the coalition government of Bulgaria to three parties only, six (6) MPs of the ITN left the party yesterday, June 13. 

The outgoing Sports Minister, Radostin Vassilev, is also among the six members who are leaving Slavi Trifonov’s led-ITN party. This comes after five days when Trifonov announced to leave the four parties-led Bulgarian coalition government.  


The other members leaving ITN are – MPs Ivo Atanassov, Nikolai Radulov, Svetlin Stoyanov, Georgi Georgiev and Deyan Petkov. 

On leaving the party, Vassilev stated that he lost “confidence” in his party’s leader, Trifonov. Making another controversial statement, the minister noted that Trifonov is controlled by the interests of the people who govern him to take specific actions.  

The mafia had broken into ITN party“, underscored Vassilev, adding, he came to know about ITN leaving the coalition just half an hour before he made the announcement.  

I didn’t believe that I would ever be saying these words, but the moment has come when Bulgaria is more important to me than a group of people who most likely govern our leader. Obviously, the hopes that I had and those of most of the Bulgarians would remain unfulfilled. I say that with regret because I have travelled and persuaded thousands of Bulgarians to support ITN. Unfortunately, however, the behaviour of Mr Trifonov as sole proprietor of this party led to the fact that this party is self-destructing, and his recent actions lead to the deconstruction of the state“, the outgoing sports minister further outlined during the press conference. 

Vassilev then outlined that since the new government took charge of Bulgaria, which is December 2021, he never saw the ITN leader in the meetings.  

Meanwhile, according to the claims made by the ITN leader, he was aware that the MPs would leave the party and claimed that they had been “bribed” to take this action.