US to provide natural gas at reasonable price to Bulgaria
US to provide natural gas at reasonable price to Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria: United States Ambassador to Bulgaria – Herro Mustafa, affirmed that the developed state would provide 15 billion cubic tons of liquefied natural gas to Europe, including Bulgaria. The Ambassador was speaking during an interview with a Bulgarian TV channel. 

In relation to the above statement, Mustafa said that if a year ago, Bulgaria had completed the gas interconnection with Greece, it would not have been in the present situation, adding that Russia’s Gazprom has violated the agreement with Bulgaria by banning gas supply to the Balkan state. 


“Russia that unilaterally violated its treaty. For those who blame Bulgaria for what happened, I say: ‘Advocate for Bulgaria; stand up for Bulgaria’s energy independence“. 

Speaking on Bulgaria’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine, she stated, “As I have said many times, Bulgaria is a friend, partner and ally, as well as a very strong and trusted partner in NATO. Whether Bulgaria decides to send military equipment or not is a decision to be made between Bulgaria and Ukraine”. 

There has been long-withstanding chaos among Bulgarian officials in terms of whether to provide military assistance to Ukraine or not. 

“It is a sovereign decision of Bulgaria. And I will like to focus on the positive – the fact that Bulgaria is building a NATO battle group on its territory; the fact that Bulgaria has accepted more than 100,000 refugees; the fact that Bulgaria has provided support to the UN resolutions and sanctions, and that Bulgaria opposes the atrocities we are witnessing, opposes Russia’s destructive actions against civilians and civilian targets that we are witnessing”.   

The Ambassador further made an announcement that almost after 23 years, the first direct passenger flights between the United States of America and Bulgaria will commence by the summer of the ongoing year.

“I am very excited that this summer we will have the first direct flights between the United States and Bulgaria in 23 years. I am excited because it means that more and more Americans will be able to get to know Bulgaria the way I love it”, added the Ambassador during the interview.