US will deliver natural gas by June to Bulgaria
US will deliver natural gas by June to Bulgaria

Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kiril Petkov, returning from his visit to the United States of America, notified that both the countries have agreed upon to contain two shiploads of liquefied natural gas from the US in June. The remarks were made by the Prime Minister on Wednesday evening.

The price of this will be low as comparative to that of Gazprom, although the exact amount has not been cleared.

The prime minister asserted, “We have agreed on having two at a price slightly below the Gazprom level”.

Following the above statement, PM Petkov stated, “The price margin will probably be narrower for the two ships, but I hope that it will be a double-digit percentage in the long-term contract. It is very significant to say that the contract will be concluded directly between the US company and Bulgaria, without intermediaries”.

“We continue to wait for the quantity of gas from Azerbaijan &, apart from that, we are holding discussions with other nations, too. We are not at all replacing one supplier with another but are choosing the lowest prices from among all suppliers. Everybody is aware that when Gazprom cuts off supplies, all possible options should be utilized so that Bulgarians could rest assured and know that the Bulgarian Government is working for them”.

In view of the Bulgarian Prime Minister, the meeting with the US administration’s dignitaries was very fruitful.

PM Petkov met with the Vice-President of the US, Kamala Harris, during his visit. Meeting her, he stated, “We reaffirmed the strong partnership between Bulgaria and the United States and discussed our commitment to diversifying the energy supply. I look forward to working closely together to further enhance the strategic partnership between Bulgaria and United States”.

The US government officials also appreciated the European country for assisting Ukraine following its war with Russia.