Bulgaria: Govt signs MoU with Basel Institute to fight corruption
Bulgaria: Govt signs MoU with Basel Institute to fight corruption

Sofia, Bulgaria: The government of Bulgaria penned down a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Basel Institute on Governance yesterday, May 19, 2022. The agreement will assist the European country’s administration in fighting against corruption.  

Bulgarian Prime Minister tweeted, “The Bulgarian government signed a Memorandum of Understanding Basel Institute on Governance on cooperation in the fight against corruption. Managing Dr Greta Fenner working with Basel Institute is an important step for Bulgaria to eradicate corruption and achieve high standards of governance”. 


Meanwhile, Fenner stated, “Delighted to formally initiate cooperation with the Government of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to support Bulgaria in its fight against corruption. It will be a long path, but together we will hopefully soon be able to make tangible progress”.   

In view of the Prime Minister, battling corruption also includes handling foreign influence, specifically Russia. On the other end, speaking on the current war situation between Ukraine-Russia, PM Petkov cited that innocent individuals are dying because of the aggression of a dictator. 

The complete statement of the Prime Minister is below: 

“I saw real rockets fly over the Bulgarian delegation and explode in a residential building 500 metres from us. Innocent people are dying because of the aggression of a dictator”. 

“If Bulgaria, dependent on Russian gas, can expand its sources so quickly at a price equal to or lower than that of Gazprom, then this is really possible. We needed to show that there is diversification and that no one can blackmail the democratic world”. 

Earlier, the Bulgarian administration pledged to eliminate corruption in the country, citing that it remains their priority. 

Prime Minister further informed that his administration had already started working on an anti-corruption platform 150 days ago. He made the remarks during a government business breakfast with the United States Chamber of Commerce.