WHO hikes humanitarian aid fund to US$ 147.5 million for Ukraine
WHO hikes humanitarian aid fund to US$ 147.5 million for Ukraine

World Health Organisation has accepted the appeal of WHO Ukraine for increasing the humanitarian aid fund to US$ 147.5 million for Ukrainian nationals.

WHO Ukraine tweeted, “To meet the health needs of people in Ukraine & refugees in the neighbouring countries, WHO has updated our appeal for US$ 147.5 million. With these funds, up to 6 mln people can access essential health services including trauma & mental health care”.

“As we near three months of the war in Ukraine, ensuring health is more critical than ever. Our revised funding appeal: -$80 mn for supplies/services nationwide through August -$67.5 mn for refugees’ health needs in surrounding countries”.

Its’ been 76 days since the war started between Russia and Ukraine, and nearly 6 million Ukraine nationals have fled the war land.

Several countries, as well as international organisations, came forward to assist the war-hit country in every possible way while calling on the Russian Federation to end the war.

On the other hand, WHO/Europe convened a special session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, focusing on the health situation in Ukraine and the wider consequences of the ongoing war on health matters.

President of the United States of America – Joe Biden speaking on Monday, stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin “does not” have a way out of the Ukraine war.

He stated, “He does not have a way out right now, and I’m trying to figure out what we do about that”.