EU announces additional €200 million humanitarian assistance
EU announces additional €200 million humanitarian assistance

The European Union has announced additional humanitarian assistance for the war-torn country – of Ukraine worth €200 million, as declared by the President of the Commission – Ursula von der Leyen, today on May 5, 2022.

Leyen asserted, “Glad to announce a further €200 million in EU humanitarian aid for Ukraine at the Donors’ Conference. With this new pledge, we tell the people of Ukraine: your fight is our fight. We are with you”.


Meanwhile, the European Commission announced that the Russian businesspersons and officials are no longer having access to the European Union amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

The official Twitter handle of the EU asserted, “Russian officials & business people no longer have privileged access to the EU. Today we put forward guidelines to help EU nations in applying the partial suspension of the – Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia. The suspension does not affect ordinary – Russian citizens”.

As per the recently released data, around 93% of the Europeans stand firm with the decision to provide humanitarian aid for Ukraine; meanwhile, 80% support both financial aid to Ukrainians and economic sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs.

Several countries are coming forward to provide assistance to Ukraine; the EU President has also ensured its assistance with the war-hit country during the difficult times.

Recently, Italy has donated 45 firefighting vehicles to Ukraine. This crucial equipment just arrived in the EU logistics hub in Slovakia, from where it will be shipped to Ukraine.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its 71st day. These past days have not at all been pleasant for the Ukrainian population. Moreover, the global impacts of the war have also been witnessed by the states.

Nearly 6 million Ukraine refugees have fled the country amid the Russian invasion, taking shelter in other neighbouring states.


“The recovery package for Ukraine will bring the stability and certainty needed to make the country an attractive destination for foreign direct investment. And eventually, it will pave the way for Ukraine’s future inside the European Union”, the EU President further added.