UNICEF raises concern over Afghan girls' education amid Taliban rule
UNICEF raises concern over Afghan girls' education amid Taliban rule

World: Concerns have once again been raised by the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) over the closure of schools for girls in Taliban governed Afghanistan.

UNICEF once again made a call to separate politics from Education. 


The international agency further informed about steps taken by it to secure the Education of girls and asserted, “Education must be above politics. We can’t give up on the girls of Afghanistan.”

“It’s been one month since Afghanistan’s de facto authorities barred teenage girls from returning to school. 16-year-old Mariya pleads, “It is our right to go back to school. We cannot take this pain anymore”. 

“We are doing all we can to support education – ForEveryChild in Afghanistan“. 

UNICEF at the present time is providing two months of emergency cash support for teachers, school bags and supplies for 1st graders, Millions of textbooks, But more is needed”. 

“We won’t give up on the children who need us”, UNICEF further added. 

Not only this but efforts are also being made by the international agency to provide the best opportunities to the needy teachers. The EU and UNICEF so far have managed to provide support to at least 194,000 public school teachers with – emergency cash support – a lifeline so they can remain in the profession. 

Tahira, one of such teachers who received the cash aid, stated, “As a teacher, I learn even more by teaching than if I was a student”. 


Meanwhile, speaking on the recent attack on one of the schools in Kabul, UNICEF Chief – Catherine Russell asserted, “Attacks on children and education facilities constitute grave rights violations. Schools are more than places of learning; they should be havens of protection and peace”. 

“I am horrified by the brutal attacks targeting school children today in western Kabul, Afghanistan. The coordinated blasts occurred at the Mumtaz Tuition Center and Abdul Raheem Shaheed High School”.