Bulgarian teachers' salary increases by 12.3%
Bulgarian teachers' salary increases by 12.3%

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Ministry of Education of Bulgaria, in a Facebook post, informed that from April 1, 2022, the starting salary of teachers would be increased by 12.3%, which is (155 leva to 1415 leva (about 723 euro)) a month. It further notified that the minimum salaries of teaching staff in secondary education would also be hiked by the same percentage. 

Education Minister Nikolai Denkov and representatives of teachers’ trade unions signed a labour agreement on April 4, 2022, in relation to which this decision has been taken. Along with teachers, the salary of speech therapists, psychologists and sports coaches has also been increased. 


Statement of the Education Ministry asserts, “On average, the individual salaries of teachers in kindergartens and schools will increase by the same amount.”    

The education ministry, in its statement, further notified that the minimum salary of a head of a school increases to 1724 leva a month from 1535 leva. The salary of the deputy head of a school hiked to 1595 leva a month from 1420 leva per month, it further added.   

Meanwhile, the policy of additional ten days of paid leave for the school or education institution staff has also been discarded, and now instead, under the national programme being run by the Bulgarian government, the education professionals are allowed additional preventative examinations and consultations.  

“The paid leave taken off two days for vaccination against the COVID-19 virus would, as of currently, be taken only on the day of immunisation and the following day,” the education ministry, following the above statement, further added.