Emergency epidemic situation to end in Bulgaria from April 1
Emergency epidemic situation to end in Bulgaria from April 1

Sofia, Bulgaria: The novel coronavirus emergency epidemic situation in Bulgaria will not be extended in the European country after March 31, 2022, as per the announcement made by the Bulgarian government. The Cabinet members held discussions on the matter in several sittings during the previous month, the government notified on Saturday, March 26. 

The European country was in an emergency epidemic situation for the time period of last two years. Although, the government stated that it was and will continue to monitor the virus situation timely. 


According to the statement issued by the Bulgarian government, extending the COVID-19 restrictions for the citizens and businesses was not “necessary.”  

The Bulgarian government stated, “Our country has been in an extraordinary epidemic situation for almost two years, but at the moment, the situation is being monitored and managed in a predictable way. There is no need to maintain restrictions on citizens and businesses.” 

With the upliftment of this regulation, wearing masks will not be mandatory for the Bulgarian population, as well as observance of social distancing, will be no longer in effect, the Bulgarian administration stated from April 1, 2022.  

The emergency epidemic situation came into effect on May 14, 2020; since then, it has been extended numerous times by the government of Bulgaria.  

The abolition of the emergency situation will be no longer provide the facility of free COVID-19 tests for the people of Bulgaria.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 113 000 confirmed cases of the contagious COVID-19 virus have been recorded in the country to date. The death rate of Bulgaria also stands at 36,437 for the present time, with the reporting of an additional eight COVID-19 related fatalities.  

In terms of vaccination, there are a total of 2,049,260 individuals who are fully vaccinated by receiving their needed number of the COVID-19 vaccines, accounting for 29.6% of the total targeted population.  


On the other end, there are a total of 718 166 individuals who are fully vaccinated and had also taken their booster shots.