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188 Bulgarians tests positive for COVID in last day

These new cases have been detected from the 3718 tests conducted at the COVID testing in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate of these new COVID infections stands at 5.06%. 

COVID horror: 113 Bulgarians tests positive while 6 dies in 24 hours

These fresh COVID-19 cases have been detected from the additional 2840 tests conducted during the last 24 hours by the healthcare facilities at the testing centres. The positivity rate of the new COVID19 cases computes for around 4%, the official data further adds.

WHO reminds general public to get vaccinated and follow COVID norms

WHO further highlighted the significance of taking the COVID-19 vaccines and tweeted, "Vaccines can protect you from serious illness & death from COVID19. But DYK that after being vaccinated, you should still wear a mask, keep a safe distance, open windows, Cough/sneeze into your elbow and keep your hands clean.

Bulgaria records new 182 COVID cases in 24 hrs

The positivity rate of the fresh COVID infections computes for around 3.3%. Meanwhile, the total active COVID cases toll has now increased to 74,319, whereas the total number of confirmed cases has reached to 1,165,167 since the beginning of the pandemic.

COVID Pandemic: 720 Bulgarians tests positive, 27 dies in last 24 hrs

The portal's data states that nearly 66.94% of the fresh COVID cases reported belonged to the category of unvaccinated individuals.

Bulgaria confirms fresh 1180 COVID cases, 40 dies

According to the data shared in the unified information portal, a total of 1180 additional infections of the deadly COVID-19 mutant have been recorded in Bulgaria as of April 5, 2022.

COVID in Bulgaria: 1176 new infections confirmed with 14 deaths

The positivity rate of these new COVID-19 infections stands at 11%. 

Emergency epidemic situation to end in Bulgaria from April 1

The novel coronavirus emergency epidemic situation in Bulgaria will not be extended in the European country after March 31, 2022, as per the announcement made by the Bulgarian government.

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