Bulgarian Colonel says govt 'must' provide Ukraine with military aid
Bulgarian Colonel says govt 'must' provide Ukraine with military aid.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Speaking on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Bulgarian Colonel Vladimir Milenski expressed his point of view, stating that the government must provide “military assistance” to Ukraine. 

Colonel made the remarks during his television interaction with ‘Nova TV’. 


As per Colonel Milenski’s statement, “Bulgaria administration must deliver military assistance to Ukraine with weapons as well as ammunition“. 

Furthermore, elaborating his opinion and giving instance, he added, “When a criminal penetrates your neighbour’s residence and rapes people inside, the first thing you are required to do is not send him handkerchiefs to wipe his tears but to help him by force. The criminal is stemmed by force. Our nation must help Ukraine from a military and moral point of view”.  

Bulgaria’s planes are not of the modern technique, and the pilots also do not have flight training for war, underlined Colonel Milenski. 

“Our country’s planes are not modern. The scariest thing is that the pilots have no flight training for war. They are training for parades. The situation is the same in the navy”, Bulgarian Colonel adds. 

He recounted the ongoing war as one-sided, saying, one flank is held by the Russian Federation, and on the other is the entire world, adding that Russia will not be the one winning this war. 

Colonel stated, “Russia has been jilted by even its closest allies. The Russian state cannot win either during war or peace. She’s just on the wrong side of the story this time too. There is no way the whole world can be against you and win. You can win short-term battles, but the war is not won that way because there are other rules”. 

Today (March 17, 2022) is the 21st day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, leading to the migration of millions of Ukrainian nationals.  


Recent updates of Russia-Ukraine:  

As per the information of Ukraine’s emergency service, one individual died, at least three sustained injuries in a missile attack, hitting a residential 16-storey building in the capital city of Ukraine – Kyiv on Thursday morning.  

Meanwhile, the United Nations’ top court asked the Russian Federation to discontinue the Ukrainian invasion, adding that it is “profoundly concerned about Moscow’s use of force”.