Hundreds of people protests in Sofia against COVID mandates
Hundreds of people protests in Sofia against COVID mandates

Sofia, Bulgaria: Hundreds of people took on the streets in Bulgaria on Wednesday to protest against the mandatory COVID-19 containment measures established by the government. The protest was staged in the capital city of the European country – Sofia.

Protesters waved the country’s national flag as well as banners of the nationalist Revival party and raised slogans while chanting “resignation” and “freedom”.


The demonstrators put the demand to immediately lift the mandatory COVID-19 health protocols such as wearing masks and utilization of the green pass or certificate. They further asked the Bulgarian government to resign over their failure in handling the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The government failed to handle the health crisis”, chanted the protesters in aggression. Police officers were deployed to ensure a peaceful strike in Sofia.

The government initiated and proposed a plan to gradually lift the COVID-19 containment measures, which was rejected by the protesters.

The health pass (green certificate) gives in detailed information about the COVID-19 update of an individual. It tells whether an individual is COVID-19 positive, recovered from the mutant, is vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Carrying a green certificate was compulsory for the citizens of Bulgaria, especially if they are visiting restaurants, bars and other public venues. After the mandate health pass regulation was imposed, it ignited anguish among the restaurants and bars owners, who then demanded the abolishment of the pass.

Ahead of Wednesday’s pre-planned strike last week, the government of the European country announced that a green pass would no longer be required for getting entry into restaurants, bars or other public places, but the 50% seating capacity remains in effect. The regulation comes into effect on March 20.

Although, if an individual is planning a trip to visit any other country, then they are needed to present a green pass.


The chief health inspector of Bulgaria – Angel Kunchev, said the ease of these COVID-19 restrictions would take place in three phases, and all of the measures will be lifted by March 20.