Nigeria's Olusegun Runsewe pledges to foster cultural ties with Bulgaria
Nigeria's Olusegun Runsewe pledges to foster cultural ties with Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria: The director-general, National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe (OON), pledged to enhance ties with Bulgarian. Runsewe noted that the council is looking forward to fostering ties with the Bulgarian government in marketing their rich cultural heritage.

The remark was made by the Director-General in the presence of Ambassador Extraordinary of the Republic of Bulgaria, Yanko V. Yordanor, in his office. He then underlined and said the European country contains a rich heritage culture that needs to be explored and known by people.


The director-general then expressed his delight over having Bulgarian Ambassador Yanko at his office.

“The Republic of Bulgaria has featured regularly in the International Arts and Crafts (INAC) Expo; the annual programme of the NCAC aimed at showcasing their Arts and Crafts of different countries to the world,” director-general Runsewe further highlights.

He added that this year’s INAC Expo would be “more bigger & better”, and the event will be utilised to enhance the existing relationship between Nigeria and the People’s Republic of Bulgaria.

Previously, the Ambassador highlighted the significance of the cultural ties between Nigeria and Bulgaria and noted his primary motive for coming to the council was to seek cooperation between his country and Nigeria through the National Council for Arts and Culture.

The Ambassador then expressed his desire to present the symbol of their cultural heritage to the council. Both of the officials exchanged gifts and had an important discussion on several matters. Both of the countries established cultural relationships in 1964.

He then asked for the cooperation of the council in arranging together activities in addition to the INAC Expo that will not just depict but also market the rich cultural heritage of both nations & create space for cultural diplomacy amongst both the countries.