The latest software for your iPhone iOS 14.5 was out on 26 April 2021, and it has some pretty neat new features. App Tracking Transparency is one of the features. It is designed to give a better idea to users which app is keeping a tab on the user’s activity and provides an easy method to prevent them from doing so.

Once the user updates its phone with iOS 14.5, a new app is downloaded every time a pop-up notification can be seen asking if the users want to enable or disable that app from tracking activity. The apps that are already downloaded on iPhone permission can be checked by going to a new Tracking page. Setting app on iPhone opens it, then select the privacy and then select tracking.


From this new page, users can quickly turn on/off the tracking permissions for various apps that have asked for permission to track activity. Allow Apps to Request to Track tab can also be turned off, which prevents any app from tracking activity. Apps can use tracking for a genuine reason sometimes like to use users’ location to tell where the nearest coffee shop is. It’s up to the users to decide whether to allow it or not.

Other updates iOS14.5 and iPadOS 14.5

The update includes now the phone can be unlocked using a face id when wearing a facial covering and new Siri voices to choose from. The release of iPadOS 14.5 and iOS 14.5 comes after Apple’s first event of 2021. The company announced new iPad Pro models, AirTag, a new Apple TV with a new remote, a purple iPhone, colorful iMacs.

Downloading iOS14.7 –

iOS14.5 can be downloaded manually by opening the Settings app, selecting General, selecting Software Update, and downloading it. But before tapping on that install button, it’s better to do few minutes of some routine maintenance on an iPhone or iPad. This will ensure a smooth update.