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This is How Samsung and Intel are Making the Move to Purposeful Computing


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This epidemic has produced tremendous changes in the way many people work and study. It also accelerates the demand for new technologies to get the job done. According to data from market research company IDC, the PC market boomed last year. In the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, global PC shipments reached 91.6 million units.

Gregory Bryant, executive vice president of Intel’s customer computing division, told CNET: “Whether you are working from home or studying at home, the personal computer is very important, no matter how the individual communicates with friends and family. , how you collaborate “in a recent report. video chat. The PC is now not just a personal computer, but a key tool that enables people to achieve what is most important to them. Bryant calls it “computing with purpose.”

“People play multiple roles throughout the day,” Bryant said. “Sometimes I’m a dad, sometimes I’m a musician and a drummer. Sometimes I’m a professional. It’s not the same. The day one person can play multiple roles, so how do we structure the experience? A dedicated system?”

This problem is at the core of Intel’s “Project Athena” plan, which has become the chipmaker’s Evo platform. Evo-certified laptops must meet certain standards regarding performance, battery life, wired and wireless connections, and responsiveness. These standards are designed to meet the Key Experience Indicators or KEIs developed by Intel after studying PC users and their needs to help them deal with multiple roles throughout the day.

Samsung starts a new Evo chapter

When Intel launched the Athena project, the target users were “mobile shoppers,” and currently 75 Evo-validated PCs are designed in cooperation with Intel to provide the best mobile experience. However, two of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 are the first products to push the specs even further. Building high-end PCs takes full advantage of the Intel PC ecosystem and Samsung’s mobile ecosystem to create a core PC for the “mobile consumer first.”

Danielle Moten, Samsung Senior Product Manager, said: “These consumers are used to always connecting on their mobile phones. Therefore, they also want to always connect on their PCs. They want all devices to be in sync and work together seamlessly.” The purpose of this is to keep the fluidity between devices so that you can start something on your phone and then continue the operation on your laptop.

Intel and Samsung spent the last few years working together to achieve this goal while receiving help from Microsoft in terms of software. For example, laptops have a custom Bluetooth feature, which allows the Galaxy Buds to connect immediately without the need to go through the setup and selection process. With your Galaxy phone, you can connect to a laptop and instantly drag and drop files and content between the two. You can also use your Galaxy Tab tablet as a second extended (or mirrored) screen and use your laptop to control SmartThings smart home devices and use it to find other Galaxy devices.

The end result appears to be a unified experience for all devices in the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. This deep integration between products is often attributed to a single company: Apple.

Although AMD is keeping up with Intel with its latest mobile chips, and Apple is keeping in touch with the company with its own processors, Bryant still has confidence in Intel.



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