WHO urges expansion of Malaria vaccine on World Malaria Day
WHO urges expansion of Malaria vaccine on World Malaria Day

World Health Organisation – WHO creating awareness on the “World Malaria Day” called on expanding using the RTS, S vaccine.  

RTS is a Malaria vaccine which is developed with the motive to save tens of thousands of lives. 


The international health organization, further providing information on the disease, tweeted, “On #WorldMalariaDay, WHO is calling for expanded use of the RTS, S vaccine – first malaria vaccine. This vaccine can save tens of thousands of lives each year”. 

“5 facts about Malaria – Today is #WorldMalariaDay. Malaria will kill an estimated 627,000 people in 2020. 96% of malaria deaths occur in the World Health Organisation. African Region. Children under five years are the most vulnerable group. We must achieve a malaria-free #Africa”. 

Here are the symptoms of Malaria: 

  • high fever
  • chills
  • headache
  • and other flu-like symptoms 

“The prompt treatment with an effective antimalarial drug can prevent a mild case of Malaria from progressing to severe disease or death. Time is of the essence when detecting and treating Malaria. Ask your local health provider for a rapid diagnostic test which gives quick results and is simple to perform and interpret”, the international health agency further adds. 

WHO further informed that pregnant women, infants, children below the age of 5 years, patients with HIV/AIDS, and individuals with low immunity who move into areas with intense malaria transmission are among the ones who are at considerably higher risk of contracting Malaria. 

The day is marked to observe and recognize the global efforts to control the disease. As per the official data, more than 3.3 billion individuals in at least 106 nations are at risk of Malaria. In the year 2012, Malaria caused an estimated – 627,000 deaths, mostly among African children. 

Asia and Latin America are among the affected areas by the disease. The day is among the eleven other days marked by the World Health Organization (WHO).