Ukraine's fight is our fight: EU
Ukraine's fight is our fight: EU

Europe: The European Commission (EU), sharing the data of the Ukrainian refugees, notified that nearly 200 chronically ill patients from the war-hit country who are in the requirement of urgent care had been evacuated from the EUCivPro Mechanism to the eleven other countries. 

The nations are Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Luxemberg, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. 


The Commission tweets, “This is saving lives and putting EU solidarity into action. Ukraine’s fight is our fight. We must work together to make sure that war criminals are brought to justice. Today we propose to reinforce the mandate of Eurojust to collect and preserve evidence of war crimes”. 

“As the war continues and people continue to arrive from Ukraine, the health systems in neighbouring countries are under immense pressure. Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, and Ukraine have requested assistance from the EU to evacuate patients in need of medical treatment”. 

Meanwhile, as per the data shared by the UNHRC (United Nations Human Right Commission) to date, more than five million Ukraine refugees have left the country amid the Russian military’s invasion and moved to take shelter in the other EU states.  

In addition to this, the Human Rights Council president – Federico Villegas held an in-person meeting with the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations – Sergiy Kyslytsya. 

During the meeting, both the dignitaries shared how the UNHRC Council can ensure accountability for Human Rights Violations in Ukraine stemming from the Russian aggression.